Lily Anderson, Game Opener

The National Anthem still gives me goose bumps and when I saw Lily Anderson sing this beautiful piece of American history, opening the Atlantic Braves game at Turner Field on Thursday night, I was awestruck and amazed. As a young girl fighting cancer for over half her life, you would never know that she faces the struggles that life has dealt her, belting out this wonderful song without a flaw and a beautiful smile at the end, what more can you ask for! I can only say that many a lesson can be learned from this wonderful young lady, who is one of my many heroes and my prayers go out to her to make a full recovery, the sooner the better! Please check out the links and enjoy her singing.

Another Day In Limbo

As the senate nixed a compromise late last night against the house of representatives, Obama pleaded with both parties to come to a quick solution as our deadline approaches us all too quickly, this Tuesday. Not only was it hot outside in Washington D.C. today, it was also hot inside as the senate and congress continue to battle over our country’s future. Majority leader Harry Reid’s bill was rejected by many of the Republican senators and they told him that it did not do enough to get us out of fiscal crisis. This afternoon the congress will cast their vote in order to stop Mr. Reid’s bill before it has a chance to make it to the senate.  And the saga continues….according to Yahoo News.

Marijuana Comlex Uprooted

Much to the chagrin of those who like to smoke marijuana, another huge plant farm has been busted in the Mendocino National Forest situated in northern California. After only a two week operation, that included sheriff departments from 6 different counties and federal agents working together, over 400,000 marijuana plants were yanked from the ground, and pot that had been already processed was seized along with guns and vehicles in yet another victory for our law enforcement. With many arrested, it was another thorn in the sides of those who like to break the law and use our public lands for illicit purposes!
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