Manila, Philippines


Known by the neighboring provinces, Ginto (which means land of gold) was the first known name for Manila and was officially called the Kingdom of Maynila. During the Ming Dynasty the Kingdom of  Maynila flourished as a result of trade relations with China. During the Manila-Acapulco galleon trade, which made Manila famous for three centuries, goods were brought in as far away as Mexico and Peru.
The Philippines were ceded by Spain to the United states in 1898 and Daniel Burnham was invited by the new government to plan a new, more modern, Manila. The Burnham plan was doomed by president Manuel L. Quezon by creating a new capital outside Manila known as Quezon City.

In the 1970’s and early 1980’s tourism flourished in the Philippines, but declined in the late 1980’s. The government recorded, from January to September of 2009, that 5.2 million tourists have visited the country, as there are many famous spots in Manila for them to enjoy. The modern look of Manila today is Makati City that has the best skyline in the country and outside of Manila, is the most visited province named Aklan, that’s known for its beautiful beaches. There are many museums in and around Manila, one of these is the National Museum of the Philippines that exhibits the life, culture and history of the country.

Although basketball is one of the main sports in Manila, they also have one of the largest baseball stadiums in the country. Billiards is another popular sport, at the Robinson Place in Manila, is where the 2010 World Cup of Pool was hosted. In July 2011 the Philippines will be playing Sri Lanka at the Rizal Memorial Track and Football Stadium, this being  the first FIFA World Cup to be qualified for in decades.

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