President Of The What? I Might Ask!

President Of The What? I Might Ask!

O.K. Maybe someone out there can define for me what the President Of The United States job is. You see, I'm a little confused right now as I thought it was something to do with running the United States of America. You know, like taking care of the National Budget or taking care of foreign matters or maybe, just maybe, taking care of the American people (and I don't mean with more Welfare and free cell phones) and how about our military personal, isn't that what he was elected to do? And just let me make myself clear here, I did not vote for him the first time and I sure as hell didn't the second time around!!! Then there is always this fucked up Economy where people have given up on finding a job and our soldiers that he is bringing home from war can not find decent employment let alone the medical care they deserve after making sure that we here on the home front are safe and secure. Oh wait I forgot, then he has the nerve to release terrorists in order to bring home one soldier, who supposedly and I said supposedly, did not like serving our country! I guess I have it all wrong.
The most important thing for a President to do is worry about the FOOTBALL PLAYERS!!!!

What the hell is up with that???? Don't you think he has enough to worry about other than the concussions of a football player? Damn it man...get off this shit and take care of business. Sure Football players, Baseball players and even Hockey players, Hell all sports players will get injured at some point in a contact sport and they still elect to play even with the consequences they might encounter during their careers. Sooooo, let the sport's owners and officals take care of what needs to been done. Not the President Of The United States for crying out load.

Please, no I mean DAMN IT Mr. President, don't worry about sports and let's get something done with this country before the whole world knows that you have nothing better to do than to sit around and think about sports. You know that you could get hit in the head by one of those golf balls out on the course or even be struck by lightening while playing as lightening can travel many miles when you're out doing one of those other important things that you do other than taking care of us!
 Get our economy right and get our jobs back, you know with that PEN and PHONE you like to threaten your co-workers with...get the rest of the world back to wondering what the United States is going to do next instead of laughing at how weak we have become...in short...get off your ass!

Wait a minute...I'm sorry...I might have offended someone. If I did that would fall under...tough shit!! Come on people of America, don't tell me your not fed up with all the bull crap going on in our Nation, more so now than ever!!!

OH! If you're feeling spunky...try to write me a reply. Would love to hear what you think!

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