Anyone Out There?

Anyone Out There?

I have two questions today......

1. Is anyone keeping track of how many people are dying because of OBAMA CARE????
I also would like to know why it is justifiable to be penalized for not having prescription insurance...For crying out laud...I had to pay FULL price for my drugs this year...$1800 per month...and now I"M penalized. What the fuck!@!!!!   TERANNY!!!!!!


2. Why does OBAMA what to let all the REFUGEES into my country???

Let's look at this from my point of view...If  thousands of refugees from a country that want's to kill all AMERICAN'S is let free here..... what do you think is going to happen?  Chaos!!!!
And what happens when you have chaos?    MARSHALL LAW......   And what happens when you have MARSHALL LAW?   NO PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Get it!

Good way to get another 4 years...don't ya think!

 Go ahead....Give me your best.....


Real Time On The Internet

Real Time On The Internet

This is real time on the internet. Are you on? Amazing ain't it!!

Click the animation to open the full version (via http://pennystocks.la/).
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