Cote de Pablo Leaving ‘NCSI’....Why?

Cote de Pablo Leaving ‘NCSI’....Why?

One of my all time favorite TV dramas is ‘NCIS” and I still enjoy it today. I hate it when a character in a series, that I love watching, has to die or move on. I guess even money won’t keep Cote from leaving the series and I’ll bet they offered a lot more than just money. According to the CEO of CBS Leslie Moonves “We offered Cote de Pablo a lot of money and even offered her more money. We really didn’t want to lose her.We love her, we think she was terrific.

Despite all the efforts from CBS, Cote de Pablo announced, one week before scheduled production on the 11th season, that she is exiting the series. She apparently expressed her gratitude to the cast and crew and would return for a few episodes so they could remove her character from the story. Cote de Pablo told ET,”I’ve had a great 8 years with ‘NCIS” and Ziva David. I have huge respect and affection for Mark, Gary, Michael, David, Rocky, Pauley, Brian, Sean and all of the team and CBS. I look forward to finishing Ziva’s story.”

 So, where is Cote de Pablo going? Why did she leave so abruptly? Will she stay in the public eye? I don’t know for sure, we will have keep the eye on entertainment news and hope she doesn’t disappear, cause where ever she goes, you can bet, I’ll be watching.

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