Drones - Good Or Bad?

Drones Good Or Bad?

What do you think of drones? I believe they are one more step in the control of our freedom and our privacy. So let's talk about this.

First they are used in combat, to save the lives of our solders, that's a good thing. Then they are used for security purposes along our borders,that's another good thing. Now they are using them to spy on any innocent American that wants to sit in their own back yard or skinny dip in their own pool, that's a bad thing.

Next they will be used for riot control, thus leading to what I believe to be people control.They can sniff you out and blow you up while your fixing breakfast. The chip that our Government want's every living thing to have, will be a homing device for the all mighty drone to zero in for the kill.

How safe would you feel if someone somewhere know every move you made, every place you went and every person you know. I think that is the most scary thought an American could have. The lose of the freedom to privacy!

So, what do we do about drones. I think they would make excellent target practice, don't you?

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