The Government Wants You To What?

The Government Wants You To What? Move to the CITY!

Did you know that the Government has already started making plans to relocate YOU to the big city! I live on 10 acres in the country and it'll be a cold day in hell before I move to any big city!! It's my choice to live here, I paid for my land and my home and all the taxes that go along with it. I want you to watch the following video and tell me, do you have a choice anymore, not according to what I hear! Do you have the freedom to live where you want to live, buy what you want to buy? Last time I checked our Constitution, we did! Oh but wait, this government seems to know more about what's good for us and what ain't!  And, why does the Government have the right to to take this freedom from us, they don't care about us, it's all about them, THEIR greed, THEIR future, THEIR..., I could go on and on! The Government didn't give us freedom, damn it..we earned it! From our troops on the front lines protecting us, to the hard work that Americans are used to doing to reap the benefits that life can give them! That's right, hard work to gain benefits, not a government handout which is so popular today! The Government ( and I mean all of them) needs to run this country and keep their nose out of our damn business.. and not try to control it or us for their benefit only!

So, move to the city...we'll have a party...maybe a few drinks...no one will know...RIGHT? Oops, I forgot, BIG BROTHER is watching you on every corner of every street and in every nook and cranny they can! Oops again, I forgot about the drones flying by your windows, keep those curtains shut, if they're not banned by the government from where you live! This may also be coming soon, but more on that at another time.........As for us, we will stay in the country and keep our guns for protection or go out fighting, and them's fightin' words my friend!!!! 

So in closing before you click onto the video below, God Bless Our Country because He's the only One who can help us now, it's time to pray folks, Amen!


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