Website Business Scam

We have been with Website Business for over 5 months. They set us up with a web site for $499.00 and then the next day they wanted $2,500.00 bucks to be able blog for pay. After a few months they wanted another $5,000.00 to add animation and other things to the site. I kept hem-hawing around and got the package for $2,005.00. We poured our hearts and time out to this site hoping we would be able to make a LITTLE money and revenue off the site. It was fun, me and wife enjoyed the time we spent together writing stories and going over recipes. Then all hell broke lose on Aug. 29, 2011. They closed the doors and left a lot of customers in the cold and no way to keep our sites. Some customers paid in over $20,000.00 dollars for their beloved site, now they have nothing but drama. We are fighting to keep our site and we are pursuing a way to get our money back. If you are a customer of Website Business you need to get in the loop on Facebook. You also need to try and get control of your web site and get some of the money back.

Here are a few links you can check out to see what jerks they are!

Complaints Board
Valley senior settles complaint against Website Business

If a site does not have a return phone number or if they are NOT recording their calls, I would check them out more on the internet.


Jeter and Kelly No More,So Sad.

It seems like the in-crowd of famous people are breaking up in every part of the entertainment and sports world. Now according to Fox News, the famous Yankee baseball player, Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly are calling it quits after only three years of marriage.  Although their marriage was pretty low key, they seemed to be the subject of rumors about their relationship. Jeter is known to have some pretty wild links to some of the greatest and most gorgeous women known to man, Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson, and Mariah Carey, just to name a few. Maybe they just couldn't handle the pressure of Kelly starring in the new version of this falls "Charlie's Angles."  And of course, as they all say,"We'll still be friends." Right!


Earth Quakes and Disasters

There was a shake, rattle and roll in Virgina recently, and we had another in Colorado. What does all this mean? Is anyone keeping track of the way these things are going? Looks like a pattern to me. Maybe we are headed for the great end of the days, come 2012. It is almost like a sci-fi thing if you think about it. My brother -in-law once said, if you saw it on the television, it probably already has happened. One end of the earth is drowning and flooding, thousands are starving and the rest are burning. Maybe we should check more into what these disasters are doing to our world instead of trying to figure out who or what to blame them on. If we keep going like we are, I can't see where things are going to get any better. Do you?


West Memphis Three

In May of 1993, three Cub Scout boys were murdered and they were only eight years old. The person's found guilty were three men from West Memphis. Their names are Jason Baldwin, Damien Echols and Jessie Misskelly Jr. Jessie was 17 when he was tried in 1994. The other two were tried right after Jessie. Jessie confessed to the murders and was tried separately from the others. At the time the local offials claimed the murders were cult related.

After seventeen years behind bars for their crime, it looks possible that they may be released and set free if they agree to a deal. John Mark Byers, adoptive father of one of the slain boys felt that the three boys were innocent and told the news service: "To me, this is just a cop-out from the state, for not wanting to admit that they made a mistake."

 It appears that some new DNA evidence that attorneys for the men, points to their exoneration.



Taylor Swift Showing it All.

I watched this video, probably more times than I should have, to figure out what scene it reminded me of. Then it dawned on me, didn't something like this happen to Marilyn Manroe in a movie called, The Seven Year Itch, when the trolly car went by and the air burst from under her dress. Oh yea, those were the days when you saw the dress above the knees, it was an erotic moment indeed.

Ever Get The Laughs At The Wrong Time?

Have you ever gotten the laughs so hard you started crying. I know we all have at some time. But, when your in the middle of a news cast and trying to tell a story, it is just plan FUNNY. Anderson Cooper of CNN had it happen to him. He claims that it has never happened before, maybe not on national TV. He was trying to poke fun at French actor Gerard Depardieu when he made the comment. "The cleaning crew should thank their lucky stars this wasn't De-part-two," that was it. He started laughing so hard the tears came to the eye's and he could hardly talk. Go ahead watch it here and I'll bet you'll at least giggle.


Nevin Shapiro, Providing Benefits to Players in Miami?

Nevin claimed he paid for sex parties, nightclubs and cars as benefits to some Miami Hurrican ball players. He also said he gave money, jewelry, televisions and other gifts to a list of players, including   Jon Beason, Devin Hester and Willis McGahee. Around the time Tyrone Moss was entering his college year, he accepted $1,000.00 from Nevin.

Shapiro was involved in other sports with Miami and claims to have recruited a lot of players for this franchise. Shapiro told the Yahoo! Sports: "Hell yeah, I recruited a lot of  kids for Miami," "I did it because I could." "and because nobody stepped in to stop me."

Kim Kardashian

So, it looks like Kim is getting married. I was so hoping to meet her some day. Dream on. Kim and her fiancee Kris Humphries got engaged last May and are already preparing for an August wedding. They say the engagment ring has a 20.5 carat diamond in it and cost about half of what Kim's mansion is worth.

It looks like their will be about 1000 guests at this event, although Ryan Seacrest dismissed this rumor, he believes that it would be just overwhelming to have that many guest. Kim said her dress would be somewhat old Hollywood and the nuptials would be held in Los Angeles.  As myself and other fans of  Kim's, we are anticipating the wedding day and maybe another video.


Beer Can Collecting

The St. Louis Globe Democrat ran an article on October 20, 1969 about a man named Denver Wright Jr. who collected beer cans and was local to the area. When six other St. Louis collectors read the article they realized that they were not the only ones that were interest in beer cans. One of those collectors was Larry Wright, the brother of Denver Wright Jr. After the seven collectors began to visit each others’ homes and viewing their collections, they decided to form an organized club. They were hoping that people with the same interest would want to join the club. The Beer Can Collectors of America was then founded on April 15, 1970.

There are many factors that come into play when a collector decides to sell his cans and has to assess the value of them. It’s obvious to the collector that the rare cans are in small supply and that this makes them more valuable than the common cans that are in large supply. Demands are high for a flat top can, a container that was produced in 1935 by the American Can Company. Another sought after can was known as a cone top can, this can was marketed by the Continental Can Company and was available around 1936. In determining the value of a collection of cans, the condition is very important. According to the Beer Can Collectors of America, cans are graded from 1+, which is for mint condition, to a 5, which is very rusty, scratched, faded, dented and/or full of holes.

 The internet has made the hobby of collecting beer cans a great success. Anyone with an interest in buying, selling or just collecting them for fun, can connect with others any where in the world who shares the same passion of collecting old or new beer cans.

(Thanks to Todays Country Recipes for sharing this article.)


The Triple-A Club

Because their governments are considered stable and their bonds are safe the triple-a club is able to borrow at a low cost. Since the United States has been kicked out of this club there are still quit a few still in it. Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Canada and even the Isle of Man are just a few of them that are considered to have the stamp of approval. Currently the lowest rated country in the world is Greece.

What will happen with the stock market today is any ones guess, but I feel it will be a long, long, long time before the United States will get back on it’s feet.


Why be a Television News Person?

This is why I would love to get paid and have so much fun at the same time. How about you?


The Top 10 Least-Used Kitchen Appliances

10. Frigiderriere
9. Doorless Microwave
8. Electric Combination
Slicer/Dicer/Dispose-of-the-Body-in-the-River Machine
7. Glock 9mm Drive-By Salad Shooter
6. Cat Compactor
5. Betty Crocker "EZ" Crystal Meth Cooker
4. Baby's First Microwave
3. Ronco Ice Cream Steamer
2. Popeil's Turkey Baster/Home Enema Kit

... and the Number 1 Least-Used Kitchen Appliance:

1. Frozen Squidsickle Maker


Racing With Danica Patrick

The Associated Press has reported that Danica Patrick may be able to drive the Nationwide Serious schedule with JR Motorsports and a limited Sprint Cup Series with Tony Stewarts team. She would still be able to drive in the Indianapolis 500. Danica has driven, in the last two seasons, 19 Nationwide races. In 2009 she finished third place at the Indy 500 but is winless in 19 Nationwide races. Although third place is not bad since she is the third highest paid woman in racing. Dale Earnhardt said, “ She’s way ahead of the curve. I’m excited about what the potential is with her going forward.”


Raised Debt, Spend More

According to Fox News  the debt is saved for now. Who are we fooling, this is just a band-aid on the continuing sore that grows in our country.  Obama said, “ Washington has the ability to focus when there’s a timer ticking and when there’s a looming disaster.” Hello! When did the clock start and now what, we can kick back, spend more borrowed money, until another crisis comes along. The clock has not stopped ticking, the crisis is still going on and now is the  time for our Government to get this mess straightened out for our people. We are a strong country and we have been through a lot. Lets put our money back into America and the hell with everyone else. What are your opinions?


Randy Moss Retires

I was looking forward to football this season. A few days ago no one knew if there was going to be a season at all. With all the switching around going on, there is one thing that’s for sure. WR Randy Moss is hanging up his uniform and retiring this year and he is only 34 years old. His career has been outstanding with various teams he has played for. He is tied with Jerry Rice on scores, grabs and yards rushing. He will be missed in the league as a player, but always remembered as one of the greats. Who knows, he should make it to the Hall of Fame.
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