Website Business Scam

We have been with Website Business for over 5 months. They set us up with a web site for $499.00 and then the next day they wanted $2,500.00 bucks to be able blog for pay. After a few months they wanted another $5,000.00 to add animation and other things to the site. I kept hem-hawing around and got the package for $2,005.00. We poured our hearts and time out to this site hoping we would be able to make a LITTLE money and revenue off the site. It was fun, me and wife enjoyed the time we spent together writing stories and going over recipes. Then all hell broke lose on Aug. 29, 2011. They closed the doors and left a lot of customers in the cold and no way to keep our sites. Some customers paid in over $20,000.00 dollars for their beloved site, now they have nothing but drama. We are fighting to keep our site and we are pursuing a way to get our money back. If you are a customer of Website Business you need to get in the loop on Facebook. You also need to try and get control of your web site and get some of the money back.

Here are a few links you can check out to see what jerks they are!

Complaints Board
Valley senior settles complaint against Website Business

If a site does not have a return phone number or if they are NOT recording their calls, I would check them out more on the internet.

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  1. I got stuck with this site too and we are fighting them tooth and nail!


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