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Mobile Ways To Profit: Canada: Canada When visiting Canada’s top vacation spots, a traveler might want to figure out what type of experience they want to have while on t...



When visiting Canada’s top vacation spots, a traveler might want to figure out what type of experience they want to have while on their vacation. Relaxing and fine dining with extraordinary wine, or hiking and kayaking through the rough terrain. If wine and food is the choice, then one of the must see sites in Canada is the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival. The festival is a fund raiser for the company and it is considered the largest in the world. Some people that attend the festival are winemakers, owners and representatives  from wineries around the world. Some of the attractions include wine tasting and exquisite cuisine for dinner and lunch. The festival is a great experience for the novice wine lover and food taster.

If a person  wants to find places to explore in Canada, a hike along the Far East coast is a rugged and fascinating experience along the shores of Newfound. It is 540 km long and takes a hiker to the end of North America. Along the way is a suspension bridge, light houses, historical sites and is a wilderness paradise. There are communities and lodgings along the way that will help hikers with necessities such as rooms, food and supplies they might need to finish their adventure.

To choose from over 41 Canadian National parks, the thing to consider, is what type of park experience is one looking for. Is it the organic outdoors, hiking. kayaking, exploring, history or just relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors with the northern lights of Canada.


Marketing on Craigslist 101

Marketing on Craigslist 101

Since its launch in 1995 Craigslist.org has quietly become the largest online classifieds website in the world with a regional presence in 190 cities, across 35 countries. Each month over 10 million people log on to the seventh most popular website to buy and sell just about everything. From real estate to furniture, promoting services such as contracting, house cleaning and even babysitting — Craigslist is the one spot where anyone can connect regionally to fill a need.
As its popularity has continued to increase, so have the possibilities for vendors large and small to market their wares on Craigslist. What’s the big attraction? For the most part Craigslist is 100% free to post and search. Only do job postings in San Francisco, L.A and New York City cost a small fee to post. Otherwise, Craigslist is an open free source for new targeted customers, ripe for the picking, just waiting for your business to give them what they want.
Craigslist is regionally based website that truly promotes community involvement. However, you can post in any of the available metros and multiple metros as well. The trick is in designing an ad that gets people attention, getting on a regular posting schedule, following the rules (or at least not overtly breaking them) and searching for new customers daily.
Simplicity in ad design is paramount and it matches the vibe that Craigslist likes to attract — peer-to-peer, real human interaction. It lacks the commercial aspects that add fluff and confusion in exchange for simple ads, most posted by real folks. Design your ad to fit into that scheme is key to a successful campaign.
Get into the habit of posting often on Craigslist and hit multiple metros with different ads to get more reach (if you business can support it). It’s free to post so what do you have to lose!
Understanding Craigslist rules are fairly simple as they are openly published. They are super picky about what you can post, but there are exceptions like livestock and anything illegal (drugs, guns, etc.). One of the major rules that I see as a marketing rule more than a terms of service rule is to post in the category that best corresponds with your product type. This ensures your ad will reach the best target without adding to useless clutter.
Over 8 million people post monthly on Craigslist and that number grows every day. Don’t just sit back and post ads, answer ads seeking your products and services as well.
Craigslist is one of the best ways for every business, large and small to find a new voice online for little more than elbow grease.

Thanks goes to Mobile Web Profit.com for this blog.


What Woke Up The Bear Market?

What Woke the Bear Market?
Recent stock market declines have pushed U.S. markets down nearly 20% from their highs this past spring. A 20% decline is commonly called a bear market, and as usual, this one emerged suddenly and without much warning. Since bear market declines happen regularly -- an average of every three to four years -- you'll undoubtedly experience many bear markets as a long-term investor. But each one can be unnerving, so it's important to review bear market survival strategies whenever one starts.
Bear markets frequently start because fears dominate fundamentals. Basically, what people think may happen overshadows what's actually happening. This time, the fears that pushed the stock market into bear territory aren't new, and they've largely been responsible for the volatile markets we've experienced since early August. The two major concerns are:

  • High government debts -- This is especially troublesome in eurozone countries. This week's decline was sparked by Greece's projection that it will miss deficit reduction targets required for additional bailout funds.
  • Slower economic growth -- Many people are worried that the U.S., Europe and emerging markets will stumble into recession, based on several months of mixed economic news.
    Greece at the Center of European Debt Concerns
    Greece's deteriorating situation has made headlines almost daily, scoring one for fear over fundamentals. Like sitting through a commercial break in your favorite TV program, markets have grown increasingly anxious for a resolution to the euro debt crisis. Unfortunately, there is no fast forward button. European policymakers are working on a plan, but they've been moving slowly. The markets move quickly and don't react well if they have to wait for decisions. This frustration creates volatility, and as we all know, the commercial breaks often seem to get longer. So in the interim, it may be awhile before the program returns.

    Encouraging Manufacturing Data Went Unnoticed

    The latest disappointment from Greece also threw a wet blanket on better-than-expected U.S. economic news, which showed manufacturing activity picked up in September. Notably, this number remained above the all-important 50 level, which indicated a slowly growing economy and not an outright recession.
    While the economic indicators are likely to remain mixed, additional evidence suggesting the economy remains on a path of modest growth could help soothe recession fears and relieve pressure on stock prices.
    Surviving Bear Markets
    Although the start of a bear market can raise worries about what's to come, remember, market pullbacks, like commercial breaks, are normal and happen regularly. Bear markets are rarely as severe as the one we experienced in 2008, but surviving any bear market requires patience, discipline and controlling your emotions. In fact, you may be able to use the situation to your advantage by:

  • Looking for opportunities to add quality investments that have lower prices due to the recent sell-off
  • Working to ensure your portfolio is appropriately balanced and diversified to help better weather the volatility that is likely to continue in the near term

    Consider what strategies may be appropriate for you.

    From my friends at Edward Jones in Lake City Fl.
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