Cote de Pablo Leaving ‘NCSI’....Why?

Cote de Pablo Leaving ‘NCSI’....Why?

One of my all time favorite TV dramas is ‘NCIS” and I still enjoy it today. I hate it when a character in a series, that I love watching, has to die or move on. I guess even money won’t keep Cote from leaving the series and I’ll bet they offered a lot more than just money. According to the CEO of CBS Leslie Moonves “We offered Cote de Pablo a lot of money and even offered her more money. We really didn’t want to lose her.We love her, we think she was terrific.

Despite all the efforts from CBS, Cote de Pablo announced, one week before scheduled production on the 11th season, that she is exiting the series. She apparently expressed her gratitude to the cast and crew and would return for a few episodes so they could remove her character from the story. Cote de Pablo told ET,”I’ve had a great 8 years with ‘NCIS” and Ziva David. I have huge respect and affection for Mark, Gary, Michael, David, Rocky, Pauley, Brian, Sean and all of the team and CBS. I look forward to finishing Ziva’s story.”

 So, where is Cote de Pablo going? Why did she leave so abruptly? Will she stay in the public eye? I don’t know for sure, we will have keep the eye on entertainment news and hope she doesn’t disappear, cause where ever she goes, you can bet, I’ll be watching.


The Most Honest Statement Ever Made about America!

Let's be honest folks..We are not the greatest country in the world anymore. The statement on the new HBO series,The Newsroom, hits home for me and it makes me realize that our country is in deep shit if we don't do something about it. Do you have any suggestions? I for one would look for new leadership and get rid of all the bleeding hearts that want everything free or they want it their way or the highway. We need to take America back!!!

                                  Warning...This video does contain some obscene language.


Charlie Daniels On Paula Deen and Our Country

Charlie Daniels On Paula Deen and Our Country!

Hey Ya'll!!!!!
I don’t usually get too political on our site, but a friend sent this to me by way of e/mail and I wanted to share with all our cooking buddies out there. Now I don’t know how you feel about Paula Deen as everyone has their own opinions and I respect that. As for me, I happen to like her and her recipes, and I am upset with the way they have railroaded her here of late! This was the article that he posted I believe on Soapbox on July 1st, and as for me, he hit the nail on the head! Here’s what he had to say about what’s happening to Paula:

“I think that if anything exemplifies the overt prejudice and determination of the American media to report only the news that suits their social and political interests and concept of what does and does not fit their agenda, it’s the totally overblown coverage of something Paula Deen said 20 years ago, and some party she planned that she wanted to resemble a plantation scene featuring black male waiters in period dress.

If Hollywood plans a movie featuring black waiters in a plantation scene or portray women as prostitutes or cast minorities in caricature roles does the media get upset and start calling the movie moguls racists?

Is there any grown person who could truthfully declare under oath that they have never uttered something that someone might find personally offensive?

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Do the twenty-year-old words of a lady with a television cooking show trump the lie an Attorney General told Congress, or officials at the IRS usurping the rights of the American public and pleading the fifth amendment when confronted about it or the hiding of the facts surrounding the murder of four Americans at a Consulate in Libya or the incredibly shabby image of a president taking a one hundred million dollar vacation in this economy while closing down tours of the White House or the NSA invasion on the privacy of millions of unsuspecting citizens?

I think not, and yet these and other stories of the utmost importance were either ignored or given a back seat to the Paula Deen story which, when taken in context with the high level scandals, Putin’s snubbing of an American president, the potentially explosive situations in so much of the world the story was certainly not newsworthy enough to be featured five nights in a row on network news.

Wouldn’t a week-long investigation into the life of Lois Lerner, the things she’s done and the reason she’s pleading the fifth be more meaningful to the American people?

What about what’s going on in Israel? The media has been strangely quiet on that front lately, is there nothing worth reporting in that volatile part of the world?

How about the coming catastrophic tidal wave the effect of Obamacare is going to have on America, is there nothing worth questioning in the over 30,000 pages of regulations?

How about the fact that due to federal over regulation it’s nearly impossible to live in the U.S. without breaking some law?

How about the Christian pastor who is being held in one of the worst hell hole prisons in the world in Iran for nothing more than sharing his faith?

How about a whole way of life that’s being destroyed in West Virginia by the president’s war on coal?

I think you get the picture.

No wonder the mainstream media has fallen so far in the trust of the American people.

Why is the Paula Deen story worth so much airtime if not to take attention off the truly important issue, the life changing things that really affect the lives of Americans?

The news is not about news anymore. It’s about protecting some people, destroying others and shoving a socialist agenda down the collective throats of America.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels”

I feel the same way!

I can’t find one thing in his statement that I can argue with. Being the age I am, I can recall the days of people calling Chinese people “Chinks”,  Mexicans were “Spicks”, American Indians were “Red Men”, Blacks called Whites “Homie” and of course the dreaded N word for the blacks! I had a mom who used the N word and her definition of that word was a person of any color who happened to be a very lazy individual. She also used the N word in the definition of how hard someone worked, you know, “I worked like a N today”, meaning that she worked her butt off, quite the contrary to her explanation of the term! But however you look  at it, we should all respect one another for who they are!

On my last note to this farce on Paula Deen, I will no longer buy any product put out by Smithfield Foods as this once American owned company, has now joined forces with a China based meat company and is no longer truly American! I try to buy as many products that I can that are made in the USA and keep our jobs in our homeland. Paula should be glad that they dropped her after her supposed scandalous actions so many years ago!

Sing it Charlie!

Thanks Charlie for backing up Paula, all your great music, supporting our soldiers and for your love of our country and God!

This is an approved guest post from Cooking With Mama.com and I totally agree!  

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